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Unum Short Term

Unum short-term coverage has also been the subject of many legal claims, since the company has been just as adept at denying short-term benefits as they have at long-term benefits. In fact, it's possible that Unum and its earlier incarnations (Unum Provident, Provident, Unum Group, etc.) have denied and short-changed more policyholders with short-term coverage, since such policies are very common, based on needs for disabilities due to (for example):

  • back injuries
  • cancer treatment
  • maternity leave
  • short-term recovery from an injury

For Short-Term Benefits

According to the National Safety Council, over 25 million people suffer a disabling injury in the U.S. each year, and a high proportion of these injuries require only a short absence from one's work. However, for most Americans, the loss of even a month's income - let alone the loss from a year or two off of work - can cause a great deal of financial suffering, particularly if the disabled person is the principle breadwinner in a family.

Unum Short-Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance policies are available from Unum for persons who are injured or ill due to an accident or an illness, and for those on maternity leave. The terms of these insurance policies are far too detailed to go into here, but it is important to note that many individual policyholders have reported bad-faith practices regarding Unum's handling of their short-term coverage. In such cases, the assistance of a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney is invaluable for bringing about a resolution to the insured's claim.

Short-Term Disability Claims & Forms

The short-term disability claims and forms are the first aspect of a claim that will be examined by a claimant's attorney. All of the paperwork that is relevant to a claim must be gathered and investigated by the attorney, and he or she will also obtain medical records and, if necessary, employment records and other documents.

Unum and Pregnancy - Maternity Leave

Unum offers disability coverage and other types of coverage during maternity leave. Many employers are not required to provide a woman's salary to her while she is on maternity leave, and the loss of that income can be a significant problem, particularly because a baby is "on the way." The insurance benefits that Unum and other providers offer for maternity leave care can be very helpful, but only if the insurer actually holds up its end of the policy agreement.

If you have a short-term claim with Unum and you're having any type of trouble receiving your benefits, start gathering all the documentation you can. Contact our Unum lawyer for a free consultation.

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