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Unum and Mental Health

Unum and mental health claims are in the news now and then as Unum policyholders continue to point out that this leading insurance company unfairly denies and terminates mental health disability claims just as it does physical disability claims. Unum is the largest leading provider of group and individual disability insurance in the U.S. and the United Kingdom (i.e., England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with a population over 60 million), and thousands of individuals have filed lawsuits against Unum regarding mental health claims alone.

Unum Mental Health Disability Claims

A person with a mental health problem may need to take time off from work, and this gap or termination in income from work can be insured against with mental health disability insurance. Unum is only one of many insurance companies that offer disability insurance for mental health conditions, but Unum is known for giving its claims adjusters rewards for terminating or denying insurance benefits to people with mental health problems.

Unum's Bad-Faith Insurance Practices

Unum bad-faith insurance practices were so widespread in the 1990s and early 2000s that the state insurance commissioners across the U.S. were conducting investigations into Unum and its various insurance divisions, which have included:

  • First Unum Life Insurance Co.
  • Paul Revere Life Insurance Co.
  • Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co.
  • Provident Life and Casualty Insurance Co.
  • Unum Life Insurance Co. of America

Mental Health Claims Are Vulnerable to Bad Faith Practices

There are a variety of ways that Unum, its affiliates, or other insurers engage in "bad faith." The purpose of their acting in bad faith is solely to save the insurance company (and its shareholders) money by limiting as much as possible the amount of benefits paid out to the policyholders, no matter what was legally promised in the insurance policy. When it comes to mental health disability benefits, the denial of claims may be even more common than those for physical disability claims, since mental health issues can be more difficult to pin down or confirm.

What to Do If You Have a Unum Mental Health Disability Claim

If you have a Unum mental health disability claim and you are having a hard time getting your benefits, or if you feel that you're being given "the runaround," or if you feel that your benefits were shortchanged or denied/terminated early and unfairly, it's in your best interest to have a qualified attorney look at your case and determine if you have a legal claim. The first step is to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns with a Unum lawyer.

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