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Unum Complaints

Thousands of "Unum complaints" have been the basis for legal actions. In fact, there have been so many consumer complaints about Unum - a huge, global insurance company based in the U.S. - that it's impossible to adequately summarize all of the Unum complaints on a single webpage. The ripped-off claimants number in the hundreds of thousands.

Bad-Faith Insurance Complaints

Unum (which has also been known by the names "UNUM Insurance Company," "Unum Provident Insurance," and the "Unum Group") provides insurance products such as disability, long-term care and life insurance to approximately 25 million people. By 2005, so many complaints about Unum bad-faith insurance practices were reported to U.S. state insurance commissioners that Unum agreed to pay fines to the insurance commissions of 48 states, plus they agreed to re-open over 200,000 cases in which they had denied coverage to policyholders.

"An Outlaw Company"

The California Department of Insurance Commissioner, John Garamendi, stated in 2005 that "Unum Provident is an outlaw company. It is a company that has operated in an illegal fashion "what we're saying to any company operating in this area of insurance is it has to stop screwing its customers."

The Unum complaints in California included claims that Unum staff:

  • low-balled benefits by using phony medical reports
  • misrepresenting aspects of the insurance policies
  • conducting biased investigations in order to deny benefits

Unum Insurance Complaints

For instance, in California one out of every four long-term care insurance claims was being denied by Unum. This is a bizarrely high rate of claim denial. Unum has a well-earned reputation as an insurance company that engages in many of the types of bad-faith insurance practices.

In addition, when Unum (UnumProvident) was brought to federal court in a class action in the Southern District of New York over its practices nationwide, the company violated the judges' order to preserve the internal company documents and emails regarding its conduct. The plaintiffs' attorneys had to seek another order to get the documents and email records secured and stored at an off-site location.

Do You Have a Unum Complaint?

If you had a Unum/UnumProvident /Unum Group or Unum subsidiary insurance policy and you suspect that you have been the victim of insurance bad faith, you can take your Unum complaint to a law firm that handles insurance bad faith claims in your area. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a no-cost initial consultation. For more information, contact our Unum lawyer today.

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