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Unum Claim

Unum claims are the first step toward receiving the financial benefits detailed in a Unum or UnumProvident insurance policy, whether that policy is for:

These policies are written and offered as providing income protection in the event of certain circumstances. Many thousands of Unum disability claims and other Unum claims are filed every year across the U.S. To start a claim, a policyholder is asked to complete the Unum claim forms and submit them online to a Unum Claim Center or to a specified Unum agent.

Unum Claim Denial

Unfortunately for many Unum policyholders, a significantly high proportion of Unum claims are denied - whether fairly or unfairly. Although a policyholder may have faithfully paid all his or her premiums, when the need for coverage arrives, a Unum claim denial may be the outcome.

Although the Unum website has plenty of information about what a great company Unum is, it doesn't make it clear regarding what policyholders can do if their claims are denied.

Unum Claim for Income Protection

The income protection offered (at least in theory) by a Unum policy is the whole point - Unum is supposed to provide income replacement when the criteria detailed in the policy are met. However, Unum has been repeatedly accused of denying claims based on a broad variety of insurance bad faith practices.

Unum Claim Statistics

Although Unum does not release its claims statistics to the public, the information has leaked out in various forms over the years, sometimes from former employees. At other times, individual state insurance commissioners have noted that the rates of claim denials at Unum were bizarrely high. In fact, in 2005 the insurance commissioners of 48 states reached an agreement with Unum in which the company agree to pay significant fines based on findings of misconduct by the company.

Unum Claim Reassessment Process

As part of this settlement, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, an individual's denied Unum claim may be reassessed (opened up and assessed again) if it meets certain criteria. However, the details of the Unum claim reassessment process are rather complex, and it's extremely helpful to have the assistance and guidance of a knowledgeable attorney when facing this process.

Contact our Unum lawyer to help you with a Unum claim reassessment. You'll benefit from his or her experience, skills and knowledge.

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