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Toyota Corolla Sudden Acceleration Problems

If you own a 2009 or 2010 Toyota Corolla, you should be aware that, in September 2009, Toyota issued a national recall on your car, as well as a number of other makes and models of their vehicles, including certain years of the Avalon, the Camry, the Highlander, the Matrix, the Prius, and many more. In fact, the Toyota recall affects millions of cars in the U.S. — and, to date, the automaker has only repaired about 600,000 of the affected vehicles.

The reason for such a massive recall is that Toyota has received more than 40,000 complaints regarding sudden unintended acceleration (SUA), the event in which a defect with the Toyota vehicle causes it to speed up without the driver pushing the gas pedal and being able to effectively use the brakes. The federal government reports that 34 Americans have died and hundreds more have been seriously injured due to accidents caused by sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles.

What You Should Do

If you or a loved has been involved in a sudden unintended acceleration accident, you will have a strong legal claim against Toyota, and you most likely be legally entitled to collect a sizable settlement from this automaker. To learn more about your legal rights during a free evaluation of your case, call us at (800) 644-1883 or send an email and one of our experienced lawyers will be in contact shortly.

The Government is Taking Action

A number of state and federal government agencies have been conducting their own hearings and investigations regarding:

  • Whether Toyota failed to report the possibility of sudden unintended acceleration when they had prior knowledge of it
  • Toyota's policies and procedures regarding safety testing and vehicle recalls

Some of the agencies that are seeking answers from Toyota include the New York grand jury, the Los Angeles Office of Securities & Exchange Commission, and the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

Causes & Effects of SUA Accidents

At the time of the recall, Toyota admitted that defects with cars' floor mats, as well as sticky accelerator pedals, were responsible for causing sudden unintended acceleration accidents. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that more than 80 of drivers involved in sudden acceleration accidents did not experience any defects with their floor mats or their gas pedals.

Consequently, federal investigators are evaluating whether defects with the cars' electronic systems are also a cause of SUA. Toyota has yet to admit that this is or may be a defect with the recalled vehicles.

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