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Complications of Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a very serious condition that can have life-long effects, and in severe cases can lead to death. Patients who develop the condition, marked by severe rash and blisters in the eyes, mouth and nose, and throughout the skin, must be treated immediately to prevent serious complications.

Complications can arise, which can put patients at risk of serious injuries and death. Read on to learn about some of the complications that have been associated with this condition.


Individuals who develop Stevens Johnson Syndrome are at risk of serious damage to the eyes, which could potentially lead to permanent blindness. While people with mild cases may experience itching and burning of the eyes, people with more severe cases may develop blisters and painful sores in the eyes. As the sores heal, scarring can form, leaving the patient with permanent blindness.

Severe Infections of the Skin

People who have this condition will most likely be required to stay in the hospital during treatment. Hospitalization is intended to prevent more serious complication such as secondary skin infections from occurring. Acute skin infections can lead to the development of life-threatening complications such as meningitis, an infection of the spinal cord and brain membrane and fluid.


Another serious complication associated with Stevens Johnson Syndrome is sepsis. Sepsis, a serious condition in which bacteria enters the bloodstream, can lead to organ failure and shock.

Organ Damage

Severe cases of Stevens Johnson Syndrome can affect the body's internal organs. Lesions may form and can cause failure of the kidneys, liver, lungs or heart.

Permanent Skin Damage

Some people never recover from this condition. Even after the skin grows back, it can be permanently damaged, discolored and marked with abnormal bumps. In other cases, affected individuals may lose the ability to grow finger and toenails and may also be affected by permanent hair loss.

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