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Reglan Lawsuits

Lawsuits for Reglan-induced damages are becoming so numerous that a Reglan class action lawsuit is being initiated. The reflux/heartburn drug's potential side effects — which include the tardive dyskinesia now highlighted in a "Black Box Warning" on the product's label — have harmed a significant number of people, and victims have filed a motion with the federal Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate their Reglan lawsuits.

At least 15 different lawsuits for Reglan drug damages have been filed, in more than 10 jurisdictions across the U.S. A typical Reglan lawsuit is that of Shirlean and Elmer Meade in West Virginia. Shirlean was prescribed a generic version of Reglan (metoclopramide) for her reflux, and she developed tardive dyskinesia. She reported that because of this drug she is now unable to control her:

  • facial expressions
  • tongue
  • mouth
  • jaw

Reglan Lawsuit Information

Reglan plaintiffs asked in early April 2009 that their lawsuits be combined in the U.S. District of Nevada, where the presiding judge is already familiar with the Reglan issues. He has been handling Reglan lawsuits for more than a year. Thus, the Las Vegas-based federal district court of Judge James C. Mahan may become the central location for lawsuits involving Reglan injuries.

The defective drug attorneys and law firms who are defending Reglan patients who have been injured note that by transferring the Reglan lawsuit to one forum will not only save time, but will also help eliminate conflicting rulings and schedules.

Reglan Lawsuit Settlement

It is hoped that the various lawsuits for Reglan will bring about one or more full and fair Reglan settlement. The many metoclopramide side effects that have been documented by the FDA may result in a recall of Reglan and other versions of this drug (e.g., Maxolon, Degan, Maxeran, Primperan, and Pylomid).

Talk to a Reglan Lawyer

The FDA has already issued a severe-worded advisory regarding potential side effects of Reglan syrup, injections and tablets. A Reglan recall may be next. In the meantime, if you feel that you may have a Reglan lawsuit and are in need of experienced legal support, please contact our Reglan lawyer today.

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