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Gulf Oil Spill Companies

The petroleum corporations that owned, operated and maintained an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico known as the Deepwater Horizon are to blame for, what experts are calling, the worst oil spill disaster in U.S. History. In April 2010, a wellhead explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon, followed by a malfunction of a safety system known as a "blowout preventer," caused massive amounts of crude oil to ooze into the Gulf's warm waters.

While initial reports suggested that around 5,000 barrels of oil were leaking each day, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is now reporting that as many as 25,000 barrels are contaminating the Gulf daily. The U.S. Coast Guard estimates that about 210,000 gallons are leaked each day.

Companies Associated with the Gulf Oil Spill

The companies that are being named in this massive event include:

  • Transocean Ltd., owner of the Deepwater Horizon
  • BP Exploration & Production
  • Anadarko
  • Anadarko
  • Mitsui
  • Halliburton
  • Cameron International

Completed in 2001, the Deepwater Horizon is owned by Transocean Ltd. At the time of the tragic explosion, this massive, deep-water drilling rig was leased to BP Exploration & Production (which had 65 percent of the leasing responsibility), Anadarko (25 percent) and Mitsui (10 percent) until September 2013.

Other companies associated with the Deepwater Horizon were two that provided support services to the rig. Halliburton was responsible for cementing the rig and admittedly never capped the "bore" with a cement plug because, they state, operations hadn't progressed to the stage when the final cap was necessary. The other company that has played a role in and shares some responsibility for the devastation caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is Cameron International, a corporation that was responsible for building, installing and maintaining the "blowout preventer" system.

Corporate Liability & Settlements for Victims of the Oil Spill

Currently, the major corporations mentioned above are scrambling to point fingers and shift the blame for the Gulf oil spill. Reports are surfacing that the blowout preventer was poorly maintained and repaired in an unconventional manner. Similarly, a faulty wellhead and a clear lack of regular safety inspections played a role in the rig's malfunction and explosion.

Regardless of the combination of events that led to this incomparable tragedy, those who have suffered any type of loss — whether it be loss of a loved one, loss of a job/income, etc. - may have a legal claim against BP and the other responsible companies. Victims can learn more about their legal rights, receive a comprehensive evaluation of their case and secure top-of-the-line legal representation at no cost to them by attending a complimentary initial consultation. For more information, please contact our oil spill lawyers today.

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