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NuvaRing® Pregnancy

The NuvaRing® pregnancy rate and those of several other contraceptive methods (all "when used as directed") are as follows:

  • 99 percent (effective at preventing pregnancy ) — NuvaRing®
  • 99 percent - combined hormonal pill (e.g., "the Pill")
  • 99 percent - patch (e.g., the OrthoEvra patch)
  • 97 percent - male condom
  • 94 percent - diaphragm with spermicide
  • 74 - 91 percent — cervical cap with spermicide

NuvaRing: An Effective Contraceptive

Indeed, NuvaRing® pregnancy statistics obtained in clinical trials are impressive. In a 2001 study, of the 2,300 women enrolled in the study while using a NuvaRing, only 21 women became pregnant, and 11 of these 21 pregnancies were attributed to using the NuvaRing® incorrectly. Clearly, the NuvaRing® birth control method is a very effective pregnancy contraceptive when it is used correctly.

Dangerous NuvaRing® Side Effects

However, the risks that accompany NuvaRing® use have been highlighted in recent years as reports of stroke, heart attack and DVT (deep vein thrombosis) continue to arise in conjunction with the NuvaRing.

NuvaRing® and Pregnancy Tests

The NuvaRing® is designed to be worn for three weeks and then removed for a fourth week. The cycle is repeated over and over for as long as the wearer wants to prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, it's rather easy to forget to remove the NuvaRing® at the end of the third week (and to forget to put in a new NuvaRing® on the scheduled day).

Thus, many women have become concerned about their risk of pregnancy when their NuvaRing® timing gets behind or mixed up. The NuvaRing® prescribing information and the NuvaRing® website both have sections answering questions about the pregnancy risk when the NuvaRing® schedule is missed.

Back-Up Method to Avoid Getting Pregnant

For example, if a woman forgets that her NuvaRing® is in place past the three-week mark, even during the first cycle, the NuvaRing® instructions advise her to use another type of contraception (e.g., spermicide, condoms) until the next NuvaRing® has been used continuously for one week.

If You Became Pregnant While Using a NuvaRing®

If you became pregnant while using a NuvaRing, and particularly if you experienced any complications or NuvaRing® side effects, it's in your best interests to further educate yourself about this controversial contraceptive. For more information, contact us today. We will connect you with an experienced NuvaRing® attorney who will evaluate your case and explain your legal rights in depth.

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