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NuvaRing® Instructions & Directions

Detailed NuvaRing® instructions and directions for use are provided in each monthly Nuvaring® package. There's also plenty of information about how to use a Nuvaring® on the product's website. Although the makers of Nuvaring® market its product as simple and easy, its accompanying instructions are quite another matter.

Detailed Nuvaring® Instructions for Use

The Nuvaring® instructions for use include general information about use and go into great detail about a number of issues, including:

  • Nuvaring® insertion — e.g., how to know whether the Nuvaring® is properly inserted; how it can be expected to feel
  • The flexible nature of the Nuvaring®
  • If this will be a new routine for the Nuvaring® user
  • If a woman is switching to Nuvaring® from another hormonal birth control method, or another type of birth control
  • If she has had a baby, a miscarriage, or an abortion recently
  • Menstrual periods during Nuvaring® use (including spotting, experiencing no period after removing a NuvaRing, and more)
  • Removing a Nuvaring® "early" (before the end of the third week)
  • What to do when an abnormal Pap smear is obtained
  • After stopping Nuvaring® use — e.g., how long before the next period after stopping

Precautionary Nuvaring® Directions

Many precautions are included in the Nuvaring® directions for use. The description of potential Nuvaring® side effects and problems is extremely lengthy. The section of the website entitled "Who Should Not Use the NuvaRing" is also very long, with many conditions listed and a special boxed warning stating that women who smoke, and especially women over 35 who smoke, should not use the NuvaRing.

The "What Should I Avoid" section of the Nuvaring® website is quite large; the activities or steps to avoid include breastfeeding and many types of medications. The instructions also go on to discuss yeast infection treatments, herbal supplements, vitamins and the use of a diaphragm as a back-up method of contraception.

Health Risks Associated with Nuvaring® Use

The NuvaRing, which has been used by thousands of American women, has been linked to several life threatening side effects, including:

If You Are Considering the Nuvaring®

If you or a loved one are considering using the Nuvaring® birth control methoed instead of the pill alternative, there are several things you should consider before use. While it is extremely important to fully understand the instructions and directions for correct use, it is also important to educate yourself about possible Nuvaring® side effects before use. For more information, or if you have suffered an injury after using the NuvaRing, contact us today. We will connect you with a Nuvaring® lawyer who will help you file your claim and recover compensation for your losses.

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