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NuvaRing® Effectiveness

NuvaRing® effectiveness data is persuasive — when it's used correctly, a NuvaRing® regimen is as effective as "the Pill," or 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. In fact, the NuvaRing® effectiveness rate is part of its draw to many women, along with its convenience; as the marketing campaign says, with NuvaRing® a woman can "break free from the pack" (the birth control pills to be taken every single day).

NuvaRing® Effectiveness Rate

For example, in a study released in 2001, a total of over 2,300 women who used a NuvaRing® for about one year found that 21 pregnancies occurred among them, 11 of which were attributed to non-compliance (that is, not using the NuvaRing® correctly). So, of 2,300 NuvaRing® users, 10 became pregnant; a simplified statistic to describe this NuvaRing® effectiveness rate would be 10 out of 2,300, or a .004 pregnancy rate.

The Effectiveness Is from the Hormones Delivered

The NuvaRing® (or, the etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol vaginal ring) releases 15 micrograms of a form of estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and 120 micrograms of a progestin hormone (etonogestrel) every day to the woman who is wearing it. The hormones are absorbed into the body of the wearer and distributed into her bloodstream.

The hormones delivered by the NuvaRing® are higher than the body's normal levels, and they signal the brain to refrain from releasing the body's own hormones that would have caused egg maturation. Without a mature egg to be released into the wearer's fallopian tubes, ovulation doesn't occur, and neither can a pregnancy.

NuvaRing® Problems

The effectiveness of the NuvaRing® may be decreased by the use of some medications. Since there are hundreds of different medications that women may be using before or during their NuvaRing® use, no generalizations can be made about drugs' effects on NuvaRing® effectiveness. However, all women considering using the NuvaRing® are strongly advised to consult their physician about specific medications and their possible interaction with the NuvaRing® birth control method.

For example, a woman may need a course of antibiotics for a medical condition, or she may be taking an antidepressant such as Cymbalta or Prozac. The effects of these drugs on NuvaRing® have not been established. Some women have been advised by their doctor to consider using a "back-up" method of contraception while taking an antibiotic or other drug during NuvaRing® use.

For more information about the effectiveness of NuvaRing® and potential NuvaRing® side effects, please contact us today. If you have already used the NuvaRing® and have suffered from an adverse reaction or an injury after using other medications concurrently, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact us to learn more about your legal rights from an experienced NuvaRing® lawyer.

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