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NuvaRing® Cost

How much does the NuvaRing® cost?

NuvaRing® price depends on several factors. If you are considering using the NuvaRing® birth control method but you want to know how much it costs before making the decision to switch, a good place to start your inquiry would be with your OB/Gyn or other healthcare provider where you have obtained contraceptive guidance before. If you haven't got such a resource, a few factors to consider are:

  • Whether you have health insurance, and what type it is (e.g., HMO, PPO, Medicaid, state version of Medicaid); this has a significant affect on the cost of NuvaRing® and every aspect of your followup healthcare
  • Whether there is a branch of Planned Parenthood in your vicinity where you can get the NuvaRing; they may provide a discount
  • Whether you have a free trial coupon for NuvaRing® or other discount offers
  • Whether you have a Walgreens, CVS, Costco, Wal-Mart, and/or Target in your area for a NuvaRing® retail price comparison
  • Where you live in the U.S. — the cost of the NuvaRing® may vary by region
  • Whether the cost of the initial exam will be charged to you

Of course, another factor in the price of NuvaRing® is how long it will be used. The NuvaRing® is worn continuously for three weeks then discarded, and a new NuvaRing® must be purchased for each month for as long as a woman wants to prevent pregnancy. This is in contrast to a birth control method such as a diaphragm, which, once purchased, can be used for months or even years if it is well taken care of.

With vs. Without Insurance

The price of NuvaRing® with insurance versus without insurance can be quite different. A very rough idea of NuvaRing® cost is from $20 to $60 per month with insurance, and as low as $6 per month with certain types of insurance coverage. The monthly aspect of the NuvaRing® is important — some pharmacies or store plans provide a discount when you purchase three months' worth or more of the NuvaRing®.

NuvaRing® Cost vs. Other Birth Control Methods

To provide some context for the price of NuvaRing, here the average retail costs of a few other methods of birth control:

  • Yaz birth control pills — $45 per month retail
  • Other combined-hormone birth control pills — $20 to $30 per month retail
  • Transdermal contraceptive patch (e.g., OrthoEvra) — $35 to $40 per month retail
  • Diaphragm or cervical cap — $100 to $200 for the initial fitting; more for spermicide

For more information and resources about the cost, benefits and potential side effects of NuvaRing®, contact us today.

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