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Bayer’s Yaz Controversy Continues

Drug company Bayer has reportedly issued more than 10 million pages of documents regarding its oral contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin.

Many women are suing Bayer for the birth control pills’ alleged health risks, which claimants say caused diseases in the gall bladder and kidney, as well as heart attack, embolism, blood clots and stroke. The plaintiffs also assert that Bayer knew about the risks and concealed them from the public, according to the Madison Record.

Two women are negotiating a national class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company, as well.

Many lawyers have yet to provide basic information about their clients, leading to several suits being dismissed due to absence of the fact sheets.

While Bayer claims it has produced more than 10 million pages for the women suing, the quality of these documents have created controversy for the litigation. Lawyers have expressed frustration over the pages they have received having search malfunctions, being out of order, miscoded and therefore illegible.

In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration ordered Bayer to air a series of television commercials clarifying the intended uses of the medication after their original ads contained inaccurate information.

Bayer allegedly failed to recall both Yaz and Yasmin after the contraceptives were found to be potentially life-threatening, according to the lawsuit.

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