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Blue Bell Expands Recall to include ALL Products

Yesterday, Blue Bell Creameries issued a voluntary expansion of its previous recall of ice cream products based on confirmed Listeria contamination. Now, the company has been forced to recall all of its products. The Texas-based company first recalled ice cream … Continue reading

FDA says Onglyza Side Effects may cause Death

In the last few years, type 2 diabetes medications have become the subjects of multiple personal injury lawsuits, mostly based on claims that these drugs increase the risk of certain forms of cancer. Now, the FDA has just released a … Continue reading

Tylenol doesn’t help Lower Back Pain, Arthritis Pain

For decades, Tylenol has been the go-to pain reliever in the United States. Americans take Tylenol (acetaminophen) for just about everything—from fevers, to arthritis, to headaches and more. Now, amidst increasing warnings of Tylenol liver side effects, researchers are reporting … Continue reading

More Nuts, Trail Mix Recalled due to Salmonella Contamination

When most people consider the food poisoning bacteria salmonella, they commonly associate it with meats and eggs. However, recently a second, expanded recall was issued for Aurora walnuts and trail mix packages. The first Aurora Products Inc. recall was issued … Continue reading

Roundup: Monsanto Weed Killer Probable cause of Cancer

A product many Americans use in around their homes has been tied to multiple forms of cancer. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization published a report stating that Roundup weed killer is “probably carcinogenic to humans”. The report, published … Continue reading

Industry vs Consumer Advocates on Proposed FDA Rule Change for Generic Drug Labeling

On Thursday, a congressional briefing will be held to discuss proposed FDA rule changes for the requirements of warning labels on generic drugs. The following day, Friday, March 27, the FDA will hold a public hearing regarding these proposed changes. … Continue reading

Pfizer facing Multiple Viagra Melanoma Lawsuits

Recently, a number of studies have linked the male enhancement drug Viagra to a heightened risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. Now, multiple men have filed dangerous drug lawsuits against the maker of Viagra, Pfizer, claiming that the pharmaceutical manufacturer … Continue reading

FDA Warns L’Oreal for Misleading Skin Care Marketing

The cosmetic company L’Oreal has been given 15 business days by the FDA to take steps to address improper language used in marketing for two skin care products. According to a warning letter issued to the company by the FDA … Continue reading

Study shows Zofran can Cross Placenta

Amidst increasing claims that the anti-nausea drug Zofran may cause serious birth defects, a recently published study shows that Zofran can rapidly cross the placenta when used by pregnant women. Zofran (ondansetron) is a drug used to treat nausea in … Continue reading

CDC says Truck Crashes responsible for 65% of Commercial Driver Deaths

Many people overlook the massive semi-trucks we see on the roads every day as large, slow nuisances and fail to credit these trucks and their drivers with delivering many of the goods we depend on. According to the CDC, we … Continue reading

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