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Majority of U.S. Consumers don’t handle Chicken Properly, Raise risk of Food Poisoning

A new study shows that most Americans don’t handle chicken products properly, which raises the risk of food poisoning. The study was published in January in the Journal of Food Protection. The researchers relied on data from a comprehensive Internet … Continue reading

FDA Changes Rules for Warnings in Drug Advertising

Members of the FDA have argued that the long list of possible drug side effects included in commercials and print ads are too wordy and difficult to understand, and that they actually prevent consumers from learning more about possible risks. … Continue reading

$11 Million Verdict in Toyota Camry Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In Minnesota, a grieving family was awarded $11 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against Toyota after proving that vehicle defects caused a fatal accident. The lawsuit was filed by the driver of the vehicle, Koua Fong Lee, two people … Continue reading

Study Highlights Antibiotic Heart Risks, Urges Physician Caution

Antibiotics such as Levaquin and Cipro have received significant attention lately as patients claim that they suffered serious nerve damage as a side effect of these drugs. Now, a new study brings another antibiotic side effect into the spotlight: possible … Continue reading

Does Depo-Provera Shot raise risk of HIV?

Many American women who wish to avoid unwanted pregnancies have chosen to use contraceptive (birth control) medications. While birth control pills were once the most convenient option available, in recent decades a number of devices and medications have become available … Continue reading

Lincoln MKC Recall Issued due to Serious Safety Risk

Yesterday, Ford announced a recall on roughly 13,500 Lincoln MKC vehicles because it is possible that drivers may be able to turn the vehicle’s ignition off while driving. The recall for some 2015 Lincoln MKC came after a Ford investigation … Continue reading

Vast Majority of Fresenius Dialysis Lawsuits are Wrongful Death Claims

In April 2013, all Fresenius dialysis lawsuits filed in federal courts were centralized in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) before U.S. District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock in the District of Massachusetts. A new report issued by Fresenius earlier this month shows … Continue reading

First National Study into Tanning Bed Injuries

For years, individuals who seek a “healthy glow” but don’t want to subject their bodies to the known damages of actual sun tanning have visited tanning salons. Here, they can achieve a bronzed look in tanning beds or stalls. However, … Continue reading

Illinois Man files Viagra Melanoma Lawsuit

A man from Illinois has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Pfizer based on claims that he was diagnosed with melanoma as a side effect of the popular drug Viagra. According to a report published today by Courthouse News Service, … Continue reading

FDA Changes Warning Labels for Pregnant, Breastfeeding Women

In an effort to better protect pregnant and breastfeeding women and their babies, the FDA has revamped the warning label system for prescription medications. On December 3, the FDA announced that starting in June, drug makers will be required to … Continue reading

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