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Neurontin Class Action

Neurontin, the brand name of the generic drug gabapentin, is prescribed to treat seizures commonly caused by epilepsy. The drug is also used to ease nerve pain that results from shingles.

The drug comes with a warning about side effects, including: dizziness, poor coordination or drowsiness; blurred or double vision and irregular eye movements; nausea and vomiting; or tremor.

Missing from the warning label is a mention of suicidal tendencies, which have recently been linked to the drug. Because the drug has only been approved for use in treating seizures and heat flashes from nerve diseases, the use of Neurontin to treat any other ailment could cause such unprecedented side effects, increasing the importance of only using the drug to for its approved purposes.

In 2003, Parke-Davis, the makers of Neurontin, were accused of improperly marketing the drug to treat diseases other than epilepsy, including chronic pain, migraine and bipolar disorder. A class action lawsuit was brought against the company by people claiming suicidal side effects as well as prescription use of the medication for an ailment other than epilepsy or shingles.

If the FDA has not approved a drug for a certain use, the manufacturer is not authorized to market that drug for any use other than the approved use. In the case of Parke-Davis and the Neurontin class action, people who have been prescribed the drug for uses other than epilepsy, specifically for bipolar disorder, are encouraged to talk to a lawyer about compensation from the class action.

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