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Neurontin Anger

Neurontin anger is a possible side effect that patients taking this prescription drug may experience. Neurontin anger is just one of many psychological and emotional side effects that patients can suffer as a result of Neurontin side effects. When a patient begins to suffer from Neurontin anger, this side effect can lead to more serious problems which can do injury to the patient and others.

Neurontin is a prescription drug that was originally developed by Parke-Davis but is now manufactured by Pfizer. Neurontin has been approved by the FDA to treat the nerve pain associated with herpes and shingles and as an adjunct therapy for the treatment of partial seizures.

Neurontin is also prescribed for a variety of off label uses, including but not limited to: bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, restless leg syndrome, migraines, and other pain syndromes. None of these uses have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The side effects that a patient may experience when taking this drug for unapproved uses have not been adequately studied and may be significantly dangerous to patient well being.

Neurontin anger and other similar side effects are found to be most likely in pediatric patient populations. Clinical studies have found that patients between the ages of three and twelve are at a relatively high risk for suffering Neurontin anger, depression, anxiety, paranoia, drastic mood swings, hostility, and aggression.

Studies have also found that this patient population is at a significant risk of suffering from thought disturbances in memory and concentration. Patients may also experience Neurontin side effects which cause hyperactivity and restlessness. All of these side effects can cause a patient to suffer significant damages.

In addition to these Neurontin anger and similar side effects, there are a variety of physical side effects of Neurontin that can do injury to patients. Physical side effects may include, but are not limited to: dizziness, fatigue, tumor growth, vision problems, tremors, peripheral edema, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, allergic reaction, kidney complications, and sudden unexplained deaths.

If you or a loved one has taken Neurontin and suffered from Neurontin anger or any other side effect, you may wish to speak to your health care professional at your earliest convenience.

If you have been injured as a result of Neurontin anger, you may wish to speak to an experienced and qualified legal professional who can evaluate your case to determine your legal rights and options.

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