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Motorcycle Helmet Accidents

Motorcycle helmet accidents are typically less injurious to motorcyclists than those accidents where a motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet. Head injuries are among the most deadly injuries that a person can sustain in a motor vehicle accident. The use of a safety helmet is the single most critical factor in preventing serious and fatal injuries in motorcycle helmet accidents. The DOT's HURT study reveals that helmeted riders and motorcycle passengers have a significantly lower risk of sustaining lower head and neck injuries at all levels of severity in motorcycle helmet accidents.

Approximately nineteen states and the District of Columbia have vehicle laws that require motorcyclists to wear a safety helmet during travel. In states where this law has been enacted, motorcycle helmet use is reportedly close to one hundred percent, compared to cyclists in other states where the rate of use is closer to fifty percent. Victims involved in motorcycle helmet accidents are thirty percent less likely to receive fatal injuries than their counterparts. Helmet use is shown to prevent nearly seventy percent of brain injuries in motorcycle helmet accidents.

In the federal HURT study, researchers found that in sixty percent of the motorcycle riders they studied who suffered serious or deadly injuries, they were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Of this group of motorcycle accident victims, more than half stated that they chose not to wear a helmet because they did not expect to be involved in an accident. Because of the nature of motorcycle use, motorcyclists are twice as likely to be injured in a vehicle accident as compared to passenger car vehicle accidents.

Of those in the HURT group that were surveyed, more than a quarter chose not to wear their helmets because they were uncomfortable or inconvenient. The discomfort and inconvenience of serious injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents is arguably far less great than any caused by the use of a helmet.

A victim of a motorcycle helmet accident still runs the risk of sustaining significant injury from the accident. Motorcycle accidents are twenty six times more fatal than other vehicle accidents. Each year motorcycle accidents claim the lives of three thousand victims and at least fifty thousand sustain significant injury in accidents. Ninety eight percent of motorcyclists involved in multiple vehicle accidents and ninety six percent in single vehicle accidents will sustain some type of injury, whether it was a motorcycle helmet accident or not.

At least half of all motorcycle accident injuries cause damage to the lower extremities. Nearly fifteen percent of all motorcycle accident victims sustain injuries in the groin area. While these injuries cannot be prevented in motorcycle helmet accidents, they are usually far less severe than accidents involving head, neck, or back injuries. Research shows that the severity of injury in motorcycle accidents increases with speed, alcohol use, and size of the motorcycle. If you are interested in learning more about motorcycle helmet accidents, you may wish to contact an attorney who can help you recover what you've lost in a personal injury lawsuit.

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