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Maritime Companies

Employing millions of Americans, maritime companies are a cornerstone of the U.S. economy. Not only do maritime companies generate billions of dollars in revenue annual, but they also serve public needs by providing:

  • protection (via maritime insurance)
  • transportation (of goods and people)
  • travel accommodations
  • stimulation to other industries (such as the fishing industry or tourism)

Different types of maritime companies include (but aren't limited to):

  • cruise lines
  • drilling companies
  • maritime insurance
  • maritime security
  • shipping (import/export) companies
  • shipbuilding and ship repair
  • waste disposal
  • watercraft rental companies

List of Maritime Companies

The following are some well-known maritime companies:

  • Batavia Shipyard, American Shipyard, Tampa Bay Shipbuilding, which are ship building and repair companies
  • Chevron Shipping, which finds, refines and distributes petroleum worldwide
  • Crowley, which act as marine consultants and logistics experts
  • Foss Maritime Company, which provides logistics and transportation support
  • Lloyd's Register, which certifies ships and helps improve their safety
  • Matson, a transportation company
  • Military Sealift Command, which provides transportation for the Department of Defense
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Waterman Steamship Corporation, a transportation company

Maritime Shipping Companies

Maritime shipping companies, which are responsible for the transportation of goods across bodies of water, include (but aren't limited to):

  • Alaska Steamship Co.
  • American Banner Lines
  • American Merchant Lines
  • Anchor Line
  • Baltic Shipping Co.
  • DFDV Seaways
  • International Merchant Marine Co.
  • Munson Line
  • Turkish Maritime Lines
  • Waterman Steamship Corporation

Maritime Companies' Vessels

Types of vessels used by various maritime companies include (but aren't limited to):

  • cruise ships
  • oil rigs
  • sailboats
  • tankers
  • tug boats
  • yachts

Pursuing a Claim Against U.S. Maritime Companies

If you or a loved one has been employed by a maritime company and has sustained an injury while working:

  • You may be eligible for a settlement via the Jones Act (or the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) a piece of legislation that compensates injured maritime employees when they are injured as a result of another's negligence.
  • You should set up a free, initial consultation with an experienced Jones Act attorney to find out if you have a viable claim.

Those who decide to stand up for their legal rights and pursue a settlement can recover compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Consult a maritime injury lawyer today.

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