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Manganese can cause Parkinsons Disease

Manganese and Parkinson's disease have been linked in a number of studies done around the world. People who work with manganese often suffer from a variety of symptoms, known as manganism, which experts have classified as a Parkinson's syndrome. Symptoms of manganese-related Parkinson's include tremors, lethargy, impaired concentration, speech difficulties and awkward gait. Parkinson's from manganese exposure continues to progress clinically even years later, when traces of manganese can no longer be detected in the body. Workers in the welding industry are especially at risk, as they are often exposed to airborne manganese, and Parkinson's disease is disproportionately common among this population.

In studying connections between manganese and Parkinson's, doctors found some alarming correlations. Improper work conditions exist in many industries involving manganese and Parkinson's cases among workers in the same locations are not uncommon. Disturbing links between exposure to manganese and Parkinson's emerged again after a ventilation system in a ferromanganese smelter broke. In a group of eight welders, six developed Parkinsonism (manganism) after being exposed to manganese for thirty minutes a day, seven days a week.

Although manganese and Parkinson's type symptoms have been linked scientifically, some doctors may remain unaware of the occupational hazard of manganese. All workers should take proper precautions when working in an environment with heavy manganese exposure. For more information on the connections between manganese and Parkinson's or Parkinson's type symptoms, you may wish to contact a lawyer. An attorney familiar with manganese and Parkinson's can help you understand your rights if you have been exposed to manganese as part of your job.

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