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Manganese Lawsuit

A manganese lawsuit is the legal recourse that is available to victims of manganese-induced adverse health problems. If another's actions or negligence results in dangerous manganese exposure that leads to injury, then that victim has the legal right to seek compensation for their damages through a civil manganese lawsuit. Manganese lawsuit reparations are intended to place a victim in the same position they were in prior to their injuries. This can include compensation for loss of income or earning potential, related medical expenses, and pain and suffering damages.

Manganese is a trace element that is safe, and even beneficial, for human health. At higher levels of exposure, however, the effects of manganese can be extremely detrimental to human health. Manganese can be found in drinking water supplies and a variety of work environments. People in the welding, pipefitting, railroad, steel, mining and pesticide industries are all at risk for exposure to dangerous levels of manganese in the work place.

People who work with welding rods are at an increased risk of developing Parkinsonism, a degenerative brain disease, as a result of dangerous exposure to welding rod fumes. The detrimental effects of welding rod fumes containing manganese have been known since the early 1800s. Internal industry documents from 1932 to 1980 show that the manufacturers of welding rods deliberately concealed evidence of the harmful effects of their products on workers' health.

Often times, manufactures and employers of those who work with dangerous products will continue to put individuals in harm's way in order to avoid economic loss. These actions are highly illegal under civil liability statutes. If a company or employer is found guilty of putting people's health in danger or for failing to prevent injury in cases of manganese exposure, victims have the legal right to file a manganese lawsuit.

Government regulations of manganese exposure levels are imposed on all work environments where manganese is present. Failure to comply with these safety standards is grounds for a manganese lawsuit. OSHA has set the permissible exposure levels for manganese in the workplace at five milligrams per cubic meter for a forty hour week. OSHA also mandates compliance with a variety of other manganese safety measures in order to protect individuals from adverse health problems.

There are also government imposed limits on the amount of manganese that is permissible in drinking water, as this is another potential source of manganese poisoning. The EPA sets the limit for manganese in drinking water at 0.05 milligrams per liter.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to dangerous levels of manganese and have experienced gastrointestinal, reproductive, respiratory, kidney, liver, heart, or central nervous system problems, you may wish to seek medical attention. If your injuries are found to be the result of manganese poisoning, you may be eligible to file a manganese lawsuit.

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