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Fluoroquinolone Lawsuit

A fluoroquinolone lawsuit was filed in early January 2008 by the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, asked the court to force the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to act on the petition submitted by the group 16 months earlier regarding the need for a strengthened tendon injury warnings.

Tendon Damage from Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Levaquin, Cipro, Noroxin and Floxin have been shown to cause tendon damage, including tendon ruptures, in hundreds of patients. Over the course of a seven-year period ending in December 2005, the FDA had received reports of:

  • 262 tendon ruptures,
  • 258 cases of tendonitis,
  • and 274 other instances of tendon problems

—among people who had been treated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

Side Effects of Levaquin, Cipro, and Others

Of the tendon-related side effects reported to the FDA, 61 percent were due to Levaquin treatment and 23 percent were due to Cipro. Despite the evidence that fluoroquinolone antibiotics are causing tendon injuries to many people, the FDA has not required the makers of these medications to add bold 'black box' warnings to the products' packaging. A warning that is now present in the packaging is buried in a long list of possible side effects.

Better Warnings to Decrease the Rate of Injuries

The fluoroquinolone lawsuit by Public Citizen also asks to the federal court to compel the FDA to

  • send a warning letter to prescribing physicians about the tendon damage risk presented by fluoroquinolone antibiotics, and
  • provide a medication guide that would accompany prescriptions of fluoroquinolones.

Public Citizen contends that these actions will help lower the numbers of people being injured by fluoroquinolones. Dr. Sidney Wolfe, the director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group noted in a press release that “more people will suffer serious tendon ruptures that could have been prevented” as the FDA “sits idly by and ignores the problem.”

Learn More about Fluoroquinolone Lawsuits

In addition to the Public Citizen action, individuals are now beginning to take action by filing lawsuits to recover the damages they incurred as a result of these dangerous drugs. If you’ve been injured by Levaquin, Cipro or other fluoroquinolone antibiotic, contact a defective drug attorney in your area to find out more about filing a fluoroquinolone lawsuit to recover your damages.

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