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Fentanyl Oralet Drug Information

Fentanyl oralet is a lozenge that, when dissolved in the mouth for about 20 to 30 minutes, slowly administers an opiod pain medicine known as fentanyl via the mouth's mucous membranes. Fentanyl is a potent pain medication that is about 81 times stronger than morphine.

In general, fentanyl oralet lozenges are only prescribed for breakthrough cancer pain (i.e. pain that doesn't dissipate after using other pain relievers). However, fentanyl oralet medication may also be prescribed for:

  • severe, chronic pain that doesn't respond to other pain medicines
  • patients with a high tolerance for opiod medication (i.e. those who currently take at least 60 mg of morphine per day and/or 50-g/h of fentanyl).

Given the potency of fentanyl oralet drugs, it's vital that patients:

  • Only use fentanyl oralet lozenges if and as prescribed
  • Understand the side effects associated with fentanyl use.
  • Seek emergency medical care should they develop serious fentanyl oralet side effects.

Those injured after taking fentanyl oralet lozenges may be entitled to compensation for their injuries by pursuing a fentanyl lawsuit.

Fentanyl Oralet Dosage

The appropriate dose of fentanyl oralet for a patient will depend on his:

  • condition
  • the severity of his condition
  • medical history
  • known tolerance to opiods and other pain medicines.

There are six dosing options for fentanyl oralet lozenges, which include:

  • 200 micrograms (mcg)
  • 400 mcg
  • 600 mcg
  • 800 mcg
  • 1200 mcg
  • 1600 mcg.

To prevent patients from experiencing a potentially fatal fentanyl oralet overdose, a healthcare provider will typically only prescribe six units of fentanyl oralet lozenges at any given time.

The Fentanyl Oralet Lollipop (Actiq)

In addition to its lozenge and skin patch form, fentanyl may also come in the form of a lollipop, which is marketed under the brandname Actiq. Like the lozenges, fentanyl oralet lollipops also administer the pain medicine via the mouth's mucus membranes. This method of transmission is often referred to as transmucosal administration.

While fentanyl oralet Actiq comes in the same doses as the lozenges, different dosages are distinguished by different colors:

  • 200 micrograms (mcg) in gray
  • 400 mcg in blue
  • 600 mcg in orange
  • 800 mcg in purple
  • 1200 mcg in green
  • 1600 mcg in burgundy.

Fentanyl Oralet Prescribing Information: Side Effects

Before prescribing fentanyl oralet medication to anyone, doctors will:

Side effects of fentanyl oralet medication may include:

  • addiction (A history of drug or alcohol addiction can cause people to attempt getting high off the fentanyl pain patch, as this medication reportedly has similar effects to heroin.)
  • liver damage
  • respiratory depression (not inhaling sufficient oxygen)
  • severe allergic reaction
  • death.

Should patients start developing further health complications when using fentanyl, it's vital that they seek emergency medical care to save their lives.

Fentanyl Lawsuits

Individuals injured after using fentanyl, as well as families of deceased fentanyl patients, should meet with an experienced fentanyl lawyer for a free initial consultation.

During this meeting, prospective plaintiffs can:

  • Get an expert evaluation of their case.
  • Find out if they are entitled to a settlement.
  • Learn more about the process of compiling and winning a fentanyl lawsuit.
  • Get advice regarding the best manner in which to pursue their case.

Those who follow through with a fentanyl lawsuit can win compensation for their:

  • funeral and burial costs (in the event a fentanyl death has occurred)
  • past hospital bills
  • ongoing treatment costs
  • lost wages
  • permanent disabilities
  • future living costs, should fentanyl side effects cause lasting disabilities that prevent patients from being about the earn a living
  • pain and suffering.

Have you or a loved one been injured after using Fentanyl? If so, contact us today to talk to an experienced fentanyl attorney who can evaluate your claim and help you win the compensation you deserve.

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