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Fentanyl Images

Fentanyl images (pictures) are readily available online, and such pictures are useful for identifying the products that individuals or their family members have been prescribed. Patients are often not aware of the active ingredient — such as Fentanyl — in the medications they are given, and an Internet search for "Fentanyl images" can be very helpful when the treatment period is long over but a patient has experienced a life-threatening effect of Fentanyl.

Fentanyl Lollipops, Patches, Etc. Images

For example, hundreds of individuals have suffered severe Fentanyl side effects due to this extremely potent analgesic (pain-control medication). Fentanyl images show the form and the packaging of the many types and doses of Fentanyl-containing products, which include:

  • lollipops (Actiq brand)
  • lozenges (also Actiq)
  • Fentanyl (Duragesic and generic) patches for transdermal drug delivery
  • effervescent tablets
  • buccal (between the cheek and gum) tablets (Fentora)
  • powder form for mixing
  • intravenous injections

Correct Identification of Fentanyl Products

Many of the above-listed drug delivery systems — perhaps all — are also manufactured with active ingredients other than Fentanyl. When an individual has suffered a serious side effect or has died due to Fentanyl, it's important to identify the exact product(s) prescribed to him or her, especially when a legal action (such as a lawsuit against the drug's manufacturer) is being considered.

Long After the Fentanyl Usage

Similarly, some people obtain a Fentanyl-containing product illicitly. For example, a member of a cancer patient's household or his/her paid caregiver may steal a Fentanyl product for their own use (fentanyl can provide a "high" like that of heroin). There is also a very large black market for Fentanyl and its analogs. Fentanyl images can thus be crucial in the identification of the particular products used.

Why Fentanyl Images Are Important

Fentanyl is the strongest opioid analgesic available, estimated to be from 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. In 2004, thousands of Fentanyl-containing Duragesic transdermal patches were recalled due to a deadly manufacturing defect (a leak of Fentanyl gel), and in 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public statement noting that many deaths and overdoses due to Fentanyl/Duragesic had occurred. An update in 2007 described continued reports of Fentanyl deaths and life-threatening side effects.

Inappropriate prescriptions for Fentanyl products, incorrect usage of them, and unexpected drug interactions are some of the underlying reasons for the deaths and severe medical events associated with Fentanyl use.

Get help finding Fentanyl images and information, or contact a Fentanyl attorney today if you have been harmed by Fentanyl-containing product.

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