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Duragesic Side Effects

The transdermal Duragesic patch has side effects that range from mild and tolerable to potentially severe and even life-threatening. Among the more common side effects associated with the Duragesic patch are the following:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • dry mouth
  • sleepiness
  • confusion
  • weakness
  • sweating

However, the manufacturer notes that these are not the only possible Duragesic side effects; the safety warnings also state that wearing a Duragesic patch can cause a drop in blood pressure and make a patient dizzy.

Duragesic Side Effects that Merit a Visit to an ER

The package insert describes Duragesic side effects that require immediate attention from a physician:

  • having trouble breathing
  • experiencing extreme drowsiness with slowed breathing
  • shortness of breath (little chest movement with breathing)
  • feeling dizzy, faint, confused, or other unusual symptoms

These Duragesic side effects may be a sign that the dose of fentanyl the patient has received is too strong. Other extremely serious potential Duragesic side effects include:

  • a heartbeat that is slower or faster than normal
  • chest pain
  • seizure

Trouble Breathing

Perhaps the worst of the Duragesic side effects is difficulty breathing. The active ingredient of Duragesic patches is fentanyl, an extremely powerful narcotic. Fentanyl is 80 times as strong as morphine. If a Duragesic patch leaks fentanyl, or if too strong a patch is prescribed, the fentanyl that enters the wearer's body through the skin can shut down his or her respiratory system.

Other Side Effects

A patient who is wearing a Duragesic patch should not use alcohol and many types of drugs, because the combination of alcohol/drug and Duragesic can have side effects that are extremely dangerous— even fatal, especially if there is a Duragesic patch defect.

Talk to a Lawyer about Duragesic Side Effects

Duragesic patches have caused serious physical harm and even deaths among patients who received this narcotic as a prescription painkiller. If Duragesic side effects have harmed you or your loved one, speak with a Fentanyl lawyer about your case and learn more about your legal rights.

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