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Duragesic Patch Placement

Where is a Duragesic Patch Placed?

The Duragesic pain patch can be placed on the chest, back, the side of the waist, or the upper arm where there is no hair.

When placing a Duragesic patch on a child, it is recommended that you place it on his/her upper back to keep them from removing it and putting it in their mouth.

Duragesic Placement Instructions

There are specific placement instructions included in the packaging. Following are some of the instructions that are included:

  • Do not put the patch on irritated skin that is broken out, extra oily or damaged in any way
  • Avoid sensitive areas on the skin
  • Do not shave before applying
  • Do not wear more than one patch at a time (this may result in a potentially fatal overdose)
  • Before placing a new patch on the skin, remove the old patch and clean the area with water only (do not use soap, lotion or anything else on the are where you will be placing your patch)

Duragesic Patch Dosage

The Duragesic pain patch is available in five different doses and patch sizes. Duragesic patch dosing will depend on several factors that will be addressed by your doctor before prescribing.

Things You Should Know Before Using Duragesic Patches

  • You should avoid exposing the site where the Duragesic patch is placed (and the surrounding area) to direct heat sources including heating pads, hot water, tanning beds, electric blankets, spas, saunas, etc.
  • Avoid taking hot baths or laying in the sun
  • Do not use the patch if the seal has been broken or damaged
  • Do not consume alcohol or other medications without consulting your doctor
  • Keep the duragesic pain patch out of the reach of children
  • All used patches should be folded in half (so the adhesive sticks together) and flushed down the toilet
  • When wearing a pain patch, you should not operate machinery or drive
  • You should not use a Duragesic pain patch unless you have already built a tolerance for pain therapy with opioids
  • If the gel gets on your skin when applying the pain patch, you need to rinse the skin with cold water immediately

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