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Crestor Dangers

Serious Crestor dangers are associated with the use of this medication. Crestor is a statin drug that is used to treat patients with high cholesterol. Over eleven million prescriptions of Crestor have been sold worldwide, despite known Crestor dangers. AstraZeneca's Crestor was approved for sale in the United States in August of 2003.

Crestor dangers were discovered even before this drug was approved, as FDA findings indicated that Crestor dangers posed a significant threat to patients who took higher doses of this medication. Because of these Crestor dangers, the FDA did not approve higher dosage of this medication.

There are two significant Crestor dangers that are recognized by the manufacturers of this drug. Crestor dangers can include liver damage as reported by patients taking this drug. Reports on Crestor dangers caution patients with a history of liver problems to have liver function tests completed on a regular basis during Crestor treatment.

Crestor Birth Defects

Crestor dangers have also been reported in women who are pregnant or nursing. Reports of Crestor dangers show that in clinical trials Crestor caused birth defects. It is not known if breastfeeding causes any significant Crestor dangers though patients are not advised to take Crestor if they are nursing.

The most significant reports regarding Crestor dangers are the risks associated with developing serious and life threatening muscle and kidney problems. Since this drug was approved, Crestor dangers have caused almost thirty patients to develop Rhabdomyolosis, a serious and potentially fatal degenerative muscle condition.

Rhabdomyolosis is a condition that causes the atrophy, or breakdown, of muscle cells throughout the body. These muscle cells release harmful chemicals into the blood stream causing disruptions in the amount of blood that circulates in the body. Crestor dangers are further compounded by the fact that these chemicals are highly toxic in the kidneys.

Crestor dangers associated with Rhabdomyolosis can cause acute renal failure and extensive damage to other internal organs. If not treated, these Crestor dangers can prove fatal.

Crestor Recall?

Despite reports of serious Crestor dangers, Crestor's makers claim that Crestor poses no more of a threat to patients than other statin drugs. One such drug was already recalled from the market in 2001 when serious health problems (like the one's described above) were associated with its use. The FDA has not indicated any plans to recall Crestor, despite the known Crestor dangers.

If you have been injured as a result of taking Crestor, you may be eligible to seek restitution of your losses in a personal injury case. Contact an experienced product defect attorney today.

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