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Post Concussion Settlement

A post concussion settlement might be awarded to a victim of a concussion that was caused by another party's willful or negligent action. Brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability for children and teens in the United States. One and a half million Americans suffer from a concussion or brain injury every year. Though concussions are not usually serious brain injuries, they can certainly cause significant damage and create undue pain and suffering.

A post concussion settlement might be possible for concussion victims who have suffered injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall injury, an industrial accident, interpersonal violence, and possibly a sport injury. Motor vehicle accidents account for approximately one half of all traumatic brain injuries and are the leading cause of brain injury that results in hospitalization.

A concussion occurs when an individual experiences a strong and sudden blow, shock or jar to the head. This often causes a brief period of unconsciousness due to a disruption in the brain's electrical activity. In some cases, when the impact is more extreme, a concussion victim can suffer from bleeding or bruising of the brain, nerve damage, or swelling of the brain due to fluid build-up.

It is important for concussion victims to seek post concussion medical care to ensure that they are properly assessed and monitored for any complications that may result after the injury. During the post concussion period, victims are particularly at risk for second impact syndrome, or re-injury caused by another accident. Second impact syndrome, and other complications, can lead to more serious health consequences.

Symptoms of a concussion can last from a few hours, to several weeks in more serious cases. Immediately following the accident, a victim may have trouble recalling the events prior to, during, and after the injury. Other symptoms during the post concussion period may include dizziness, confusion, anxiety, apathy, extreme fatigue, vision problems, headache and vomiting.

Cognitive impairment can occur for weeks after a concussion injury, making normal functioning difficult for the concussion victim. Post concussion syndrome can result in difficulty working, studying, and socializing. Psychiatric treatment and some medicines can help the victims of post concussion syndrome.

If you have been the victim of a concussion brain injury that was due to another person's negligence or willful actions, you have the right to seek compensation for your suffering through a post concussion settlement. Bear in mind that most states have a statute of limitations that restricts the time in which a victim can file a claim and seek a post concussion settlement. A post concussion settlement can award a victim compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

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