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Composix Kugel Mesh Patch Lawsuit

The Composix Kugel Mesh Patch , manufactured by Davol, Inc., is a medical device used to correct ventral hernias - incisions that sometimes develop on the surface of the abdominal wall after surgery. In December 2005, however, numerous reports were released about Composix Kugel Mesh Patch defects that caused patients to suffer serious injuries including bowel perforations and fistulas - abnormal connections that form between organs. As a result, those harmed from the medical device may be eligible to file a Composix Kugel Mesh Patch lawsuit to seek compensation for their damages.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury because of a Composix Kugel Mesh Patch, it is important to know that you have legal rights and options. Please contact us today to speak with a highly qualified and caring product liability lawyer who can evaluate your case FREE of charge and determine your best course of action.

What is a Composix Kugel Mesh Patch Lawsuit?

A Composix Kugel Mesh Patch lawsuit is a civil claim filed on behalf of an individual or the family of an individual who has suffered injury or death as a result of the defective product. It allows victims to seek reparation for their losses and forces the manufacturer to take responsibility for the damages its product has caused.

Through a settlement with the manufacturer or through a jury verdict, you may be eligible to recover economic and non-economic losses including, but not limited to:

- Pain and suffering

- Medical costs

- Lost income/earning capacity

- Loss of enjoyment of life

- More

If you or someone you love has been harmed by the Composix Kugel Mesh Patch, it is vital that you consult with a trusted product liability attorney immediately to learn more about your legal options and to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Please click here for a complimentary consultation with an experienced product liability lawyer.

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