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CIGNA Lawsuit

CIGNA is no stranger to lawsuits. The global health and disability insurance company has earned a reputation, among some clients, for engaging in bad faith practices. An example of an insurance bad faith practice is wrongfully denying the claims of critically ill patients who seek life saving treatment.

Bad faith insurance lawsuits are designed to help people who are wrongfully denied claims, or otherwise wronged by an insurance company, seek the compensation they deserve. CIGNA is considered one of the largest providers of group disability and health insurance and like other insurance companies, has been accused of denying the claims of some customers.

If you believe that you or someone you love has been a victim of a bad faith practice, our insurance bad faith lawyers may be able to help you file a CIGNA lawsuit to seek out the damages you are legally entitled to. For more information, contact a CIGNA attorney today.

Types of Insurance Bad Faith Claims

The following are some examples of bad faith claims:

  • The company did not adequately investigate the claim in question
  • The company delayed investigating the claim
  • The company misrepresented the coverage in the contract
  • The company denied payment of a claim that should be covered

When people purchase health or disability insurance, they assume that the company will pay for treatment or other coverage that is outlined in the policy. When the policyholder has met his or her deductible, he/she assumes that the insurance company will cover the rest of the money. However, as many policyholders have learned, this is not always the case.

Some insurance companies will delay payments, which can also be considered a form of bad faith.

Contact a Bad Faith Attorney

If you or someone you know has been the victim of bad faith by CIGNA, contact an experienced attorney for an initial consultation. An experienced CIGNA attorney will be able to explain your rights and determine if you have a case.

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