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Calaxo Screw Lawsuit

A Calaxo screw lawsuit is a legal option for individuals harmed by this new medical device. The Calaxo screw was approved in 2006 by the FDA for use in arthroscopic knee surgeries. In 2007, all Calaxo screws were recalled in the U.K. due to severe risks associated with its use.

Calaxo Screw Lawsuit Defendants

The defendants in a Calaxo screw lawsuit may include Smith & Nephew, the Andover, Massachusetts-based corporation that makes the Calaxo screw. Smith & Nephew markets its arthroscopy-related medical devices in 32 countries, but they no longer offer the Calaxo screw, an ACL repair screw, which was designed for ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction surgeries.

If you had ACL surgery in the U.S. or U.K. in 2006 or later and have suffered an ill Calaxo screw side effect, you may want to investigate whether a Calaxo screw lawsuit is appropriate. A surgeon or other physician may also be named as a defendant in a Calaxo screw lawsuit.

A Bioabsorbable Screw

The Calaxo screw is used to anchor new ligament to bone. Made out of a bioabsorbable polymer and containing calcium carbonate, the Calaxo screw slowly releases calcium to stimulate the bone cells to lay down new bone and enhance healing. It was designed to provide a quicker recovery time compared to metal screws, and to avoid the need for the screw's removal - a Calaxo screw stays in the body forever.

Severe Side Effects

The basis of the U.K. Calaxo screw recall is the severe side effects that have been observed in patients who received this device:

  • increased, constant pain in the knee joint or at the surgical site
  • fever
  • pockets of fluid build-up
  • soft tissue swelling
  • fragmentation of the screw

Serious Consequences of Calaxo Screw Use

Some patients with a Calaxo screw have had to have surgical debridement of dead or infected tissue, and/or bone and further surgery to replace the screw or even the entire ligament graft. Such severe and costly consequences are a foundation for potential Calaxo screw lawsuits.

Find Out More about Calaxo Screw Lawsuits

If you underwent ACL reconstructive knee surgery with a Calaxo screw in 2006 or later, contact Calaxo lawyers today to learn more about Calaxo screw lawsuits and whether you are eligible to recover compensation for your losses.

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