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ACL Repair Screw

An ACL repair screw is a small but important medical product - it's used in the repair of a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in the knee. Torn or ruptured ACLs are among the most common sports injuries, occurring in tens of thousands of people each year in the U.S. alone (more often in women, although it's not known why). Without a stable ACL, a person's knee will function poorly, in a very limited manner. It may "give way" unexpectedly, and prevent a person from participating in many activities.

ACL Reconstruction

After a severe injury of the ACL, repair screws may be used as part of a reconstruction surgery that attaches a new piece of ligament to replace the damaged ACL. Repair screws anchor the new ligament to bone. They have been made of metals such as titanium or new materials such as a bioresorbable polymer (for example, the Calaxo Osteoconductive Interference Screw that was recently recalled due to safety concerns). Some ACL repair screws must later be removed from the body even though bioresorbable products are designed to remain in the body forever.

An Orthopedic Surgery Product

An ACL repair screw not only secures the grafted ligament in place; it may also be designed to allow new blood vessels to grow directly into the ligament graft. As an orthopedic surgical product, ACL repair screws are designed to be stable and safe, and it's unusual for such a product to cause injuries or infection.

Injuries Associated with an ACL Repair Screw

However, injuries and severe complications have been reported in conjunction with the Calaxo ACL repair screw, which was on the U.S. market for barely over a year - from its FDA approval in March 2006 until it was voluntarily recalled in August 2007 by its manufacturer, the U.S. corporation Smith & Nephew.

The Calaxo screw recall was issued in response to several reports of patients suffering severe Calaxo screw side effects including:

  • fever
  • constant pain
  • swelling

Fragmentation (breaking) of ACL repair screws has also occurred in many patients.

Learn More about ACL Repair Complications

If you had an ACL repair screw installed during your knee surgery and would like to learn more about the potential complications, you should speak with a lawyer who handles Calaxo screw injury cases. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Calaxo lawyer and learn about your options.

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