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Calaxo Screw

The Calaxo screw, more officially known as the CALAXO Osteoconductive Interference Screw, is a medical device that was recently recalled in the United Kingdom. Approved for use in the United States in 2006, the Calaxo screw is designed for surgery to reconstruct a torn or damaged ligament in the knee ? the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. The Calaxo screw was recalled because of the physical damage it can cause.

For ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Manufactured and marketed by the Massachusetts based company Smith & Nephew, the Calaxo screw has been used in tens of thousands of ACL knee surgeries in the U.S. since its introduction. ACL injuries are quite common, especially among athletes who play the following sports:

  • football
  • soccer, lacrosse, and other field sports
  • hockey
  • skiing, ice skating, snowboarding
  • basketball

A Crucial Ligament in the Knee

The ACL, one of the knee's four major ligaments, can tear when the knee experiences a large amount of pressure or torque (twisting), often when an athlete (or non-athlete) is changing direction rapidly or when the knee experiences sudden, high pressure contact such as in a football tackle. A loud popping noise signals the tear of the ACL, and the injury can be extremely painful. An ACL tear can put a person "out of commission" for a long time, with a protracted and difficult recovery.

The ACL runs from the shin bone through the knee's center up to the thigh bone, and it keeps the knee stable. In severe ACL injuries, surgery to reconstruct the ACL may be necessary. While there are several types of surgeries designed to fix ACL injuries, the Calaxo screw serves as an ACL repair screw in the surgical procedures where ligament tissue (often from another site of the patient's body) is placed in a tunnel made through the bone by the surgeon. The grafted ligament is secured to the bone with the Calaxo screws.

Complications of Calaxo Screw Use

However, there have been several reports of serious Calaxo screw side effects such as fever, swelling, and increased, constant pain at the surgical site. Some patients have had to have repeat surgery to correct the problems caused by Calaxo screws.

If you've suffered from the use of a Calaxo screw in your ACL surgery, contact a Calaxo lawyer today to discuss your concerns. You may be eligible to recover compensation for your physical, emotional and financial losses.

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