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Birth Injury Lawsuits

Birth injury lawsuits provide families with compensation after their newborn has suffered some severe birth injury as a result of medical mistakes, malpractice or flawed hospital policy. In most cases, birth injuries occur when nurses or doctors don't properly respond to:

  • compressed umbilical cords
  • excessive bleeding
  • infections
  • lack of oxygen (for either babies or the mothers)
  • the need for immediate delivery via C-section

Birth injuries also occur when medical staff choose the wrong methods of trying to deliver newborns. Specifically, inappropriate use of vacuum extraction and/or forceps can also result in severe, incurable child birth injuries.

Because such negligent and reckless actions can cause severely debilitating conditions, affected families will have a legal claim and will be entitled to a birth injury settlement.

When Are Birth Injuries Most Likely to Occur?

Although rare, birth injuries are more likely to occur when unpredictable factors, such as the following, arise:

  • Babies are larger than expected.
  • Babies shift to an awkward position.
  • Premature labor occurs.

In these instances, the need for immediate medical response can cloud the judgment and/or behavior of medical staff, which, in turn results in birth injuries.

Types of Birth Injuries

Irreversible birth injury types can include:

  • Caput succedaneum (accumulating liquid under the scalp that causes inflammation)
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb's palsy (Also known as brachial plexus injury, Erb's palsy is an injury that results from nerve damage and causes loss of sensation and/or movement in the hands or arms.)
  • Facial paralysis
  • Fractures
  • Internal bleeding
  • Untreated jaundice

What to Do Following Birth Injuries: Birth Injury Lawsuits

In most cases, serious birth injuries will require emergency medical care, as well as life-long treatments. Some birth injuries, such as severe cerebral palsy, may even demand round-the-clock care to help patients eat, breathe and/or move.

Once an injury has been stabilized, it's vital that affected families:

  • Set up a long-term treatment regimen to support their injured newborn.
  • Meet with a birth injury attorney to learn more about their legal rights.

During an initial legal consultation, prospective plaintiffs can:

  • Find out if they have a legal claim against the hospital, doctors and/or nurses involved in the incident.
  • Learn more about the process of filing and winning birth injury lawsuits.
  • Get information about settlements in birth injury lawsuits similar to their own.
  • Get advice about whether filing an individual claim or joining a class action birth injury case is best for their situation and needs.

Most birth injury lawyers provide these consultations for free and will work on contingency to help encourage affected families to pursue their highly deserved birth injury settlement.

Has your newborn suffered a birth injury? If so, contact us today to talk to an experienced birth injury attorney who will investigate the injury and fight to recover all the compensation you are entitled to.

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