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Bad Faith Insurance

Bad faith insurance practices are well known to legal professionals, but they often come as a surprise to the individuals who are the victims. When someone signs up for insurance - whether it's life insurance, auto, home, healthcare or another form of insurance - he or she usually thinks that the insurance company "on the other end of the policy" is going to meet the legal standards for "good faith" and fair dealing, and that the insurer will provide benefits when appropriate.

Bad Faith Happens

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always meet this level of honesty, professionalism and fair dealing. In fact, every year in the U.S., in every state of the Union, insurance companies are the subject of bad faith lawsuits and other legal actions based on poor ethical conduct such as:

  • Unfair denial of benefits and short-changing of benefits
  • Unscrupulous sales and marketing practices
  • Illegal practices regarding the handling of policyholders' claims

These lawsuits are not frivolous actions brought by simply dissatisfied customers, either. In fact, it is often the state commissioners of insurance who bring legal actions on behalf of their states' populations against insurance companies that have ripped off hundreds or even thousands of consumers.

Suing a Company for Bad Faith

If you suspect that your insurance company has engaged or continues to engage in bad faith practices that have caused you harm, one option is to sue the insurer. Since insurance companies always have legal representation of their own - law firms that devote all of their time and effort to advancing the interests of insurance companies - it's imperative that you get your own representation by a skilled and aggressive law firm that takes "bad faith" cases.

Many such bad faith attorneys have accumulated a great deal of experience fighting the pernicious practices of insurance companies that seem more concerned about making money than living up to the terms of the insurance policies they sell.

How to Fight Bad Faith Insurance?

The best ways to fight bad faith insurance practices are to (a) take legal action and (b) report the insurance company to your state's commissioner of insurance. You can find your state's appropriate agency at, the website for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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The benefits that your insurance policy describes can be obtained when appropriate with the help of the right lawyer. Contact a bad-faith insurance attorney in your area and protect your rights under the laws of your state.

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