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Health Insurance Bad Faith

Health insurance companies have been known to participate in bad faith practices. While bad faith laws vary state to state, generally speaking, bad faith insurance practices refer to an act in which the insurance company tries to defraud a policyholder by illegally:

  • Denying his claim payment
  • Offering a payment that is only a fraction of what the claim is worth
  • Refusing altogether to offer him insurance coverage without a legitimate reason

While failing to properly investigate a claim is an example of bad faith, so too is changing the policy without the consent or knowledge of the policyholder. Other specific examples of health insurance bad faith practices include:

  • Failing to explain the limitations of a policy to the policyholder
  • Making threats against the policyholder
  • Misrepresenting the facts of a claim
  • Offering claim payments that are significantly lower than the claim is worth
  • Unnecessarily delaying the processing of a claim
  • Unreasonably interpreting the policy
  • Unreasonably raising premiums
  • Using incorrect legal definitions to intentionally confuse and defraud policyholders

If you think that your health insurance company has acted in bad faith regarding one of your claims, you should consult with an attorney who is experienced in insurance bad faith legislation. You may be eligible to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit against the insurance company at fault. For more information, contact our lawyers today.

Bad Faith Insurance Laws

Legislation on bad faith insurance practices differs in each state, as does the statute of limitations (the length of time the claim is legally viable). While many states have adopted a two-year statute of limitations for bad faith insurance claims, including California and Pennsylvania, other states may have 10-year or no statutes of limitation when it comes to filing a bad faith insurance claim.

How a Bad Faith Attorney Can Help You

To ensure that you recover the settlement you deserve, our skilled attorneys will:

  • Gather all essential evidence, including written letters, doctors' reports and witness statements
  • Secure expert witness testimony to strengthen a plaintiff's case
  • Scrutinize the insurance company's case and highlight any fallacies, inconsistencies and/or weaknesses in their arguments
  • Provide each victim with first-class, aggressive representation in trial, arbitration and mediation proceedings to help each win the compensation he or she deserves

If you feel that you have been a victim of bad faith practice by your health insurance provider, contact our insurance bad faith lawyers to find out if you qualify to file a claim.

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