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Medtronic - Sprint fidelis Lawyer

Patients whose defibrillator has a Sprint Fidelis Medtronic lead may need a lawyer who represents people hurt by defective medical devices. When manufacturers such as Medtronic put a medical product on the market for public use, they are obligated to make sure that the product is safe and reliable. Sprint Fidelis leads, the wires that connect a defibrillator to the heart, have been found to be defective, and Medtronic has advised patients with these leads to contact their physicians immediately.

Medtronic Medical Devices' Failures

A Medtronic lawyer can represent individuals and families who have been adversely affected by a Medtronic product. Medtronic is part of a highly competitive industry in which companies must get their products on the market as soon as possible. Sometimes medical devices and products are on the market and in use before they have been adequately tested. Such devices may pose an unacceptable risk to patients.

Medtronic does billions of dollars worth of sales each year. Their website notes that more than 6 million people use Medtronic products and devices each year, for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, vascular illnesses, and neurological disorders. Unfortunately, the latest problem with defibrillator leads is not the first time that Medtronic has had to recall a product or issue a warning about a device.

Earlier Recall of Medtronic Defibrillators

In early 2005, Medtronic voluntarily recalled several of its implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) models and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator models. They were showing a battery shorting problem that could cause the devices to fail without warning. A Medtronic lawyer can tell you more about that recall.

FDA Warns Patients

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has joined with Medtronic in the recent warning to physicians and patients regarding the risk that Sprint Fidelis leads present. They're advising the patients to consult their physicians about their medical options. Since the lead wires are threaded through a blood vessel to the heart, it is more dangerous to remove the lead than to simply reprogram the ICD to better monitor the potential of lead malfunction.

Five deaths have been linked to Sprint Fidelis lead fractures, according to Medtronic. A lawyer whose practice focuses on defective medical devices can provide extensive information about the issue, including the statistics gleaned from clinical studies of the leads.

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If you've been adversely affected by a medical device made by Medtronic, see a lawyer whose practice involves protecting the rights of people hurt by defective products. Contact our Medtronic lawyers today and get answers to your questions and concerns.

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